Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 10th, 2012

Elder Gagnon and Elder Trone (who is going home soon)
The village they set up at the Lamb's house
Hey Fam! Everything is going well here in Magrath. Right now we are almost ready for one of our investigators (Judy) to get baptized, we also have two other families: the Wrights and the Landry's who were looking into the church (the Landry's sadly dropped us to think about some stuff). We are also teaching a less active family: The Jensens who are a couple who are having a baby and want to get sealed in the temple. They're both my age actually. But they both have a strong disire to raise their child in the church and be active again. We are also teaching another family (the Smiths) who also want to get sealed in the temple. Oh yea and my companion is Elder Jones right now and he's from Wales. He's a seventh generation in the church so which makes Dan Jones ( one of his great ancestors. Pretty cool huh? Well anyways, I managed to find Troi's postal code and send him a letter. He sent me a Dear Elder while I was at the MTC so I needed to write him back. Oh and for Christmas can you send me my Ninja Turtles blanket, it's so comfortable! Well I hope you guys are doing well and can't wait to see you guys on Skype this Christmas. Love Elder Justin Gagnon

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