Wednesday, October 2, 2013

August 28th, 2013

                                                           With Sister Sonia Nicholas
Hey family,
Everything is going well over here in Bow Valley!   Our investigator Chee Wee ended up pushing his date a little further because president had to interview him, so now he's set for the end of next month.  But hey, I don't think I told you but I met Sister Sonia Nicholas this past few week and she told me on Sunday that she had a surprise for me and I had no idea what she would show me. I felt like it would be something from home, but it was something better!   It was a photo of me, Mark, Cedric, Chris, Andrew, and you and dad at our baptism and I flipped out!  It was super funny because she showed everyone at the ward the picture of us at the baptism and everyone said I should grow the hair back out again and that they'll get permission from president to do so, but I told them no because trying to wash that hair was a pain!
Transfers are also this week and a whole bunch of the zone seems to be leaving.  One of our zone leaders also went home this past week because his 2 years were up,  so we're going to get a new zone leader.  Right now we have Elder Staley who moved from the south to the north with me and we both served in Cardston so we talk about that area quite a bit.  I also sent out a mass email to everyone I met in Cardston and Magrath.  They're all doing well and miss me lots but I'll probably end up serving in the south again because there are a lot of areas down there.  The Fort Macleod zone got split the last transfer because of the amount of missionaries that are there, so now there's a Cardston Zone and a Fort Macleod zone.  They still didn't open back up Jay's home town which is in the Fort Mac zone,  but I think they'll open it back up again.  Well overall we had a good week and Chee Wee is not mad at all about pushing his date a month.  He actually likes president and got his email so he'll start writing him.
Tell Dad Happy birthday and Granny as well and that I love them both very much!
Love you guys
Elder Gagnon

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