Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 19th, 2013

           Elder Gagnon with Cody Bass, an old LaSalle Ward missionary

Hey family,
Dang!  I keep forgetting to get one of those memory card readers so I can send pictures, but I'll try and get one next week for sure this time.  Yea I probably wouldn't have seen Jay and the Glowas because they were probably in Champion or Vulcan which are quite a ways from here and are not part of the mission at the moment because they shut down about a year ago.  I hope they'll open up soon because right now Alberta is really softening their hearts to the gospel because of the High River and Calgary floods. But if the Glowas are here for a couple of weeks send me their e-mails and I'll tell them to meet me somewhere or something.  Oh did they also see the Schultz family while they were there?   I miss that family and Magrath in general.  But if anyone comes and visits Alberta tell them to ask the mission office which is located at 7044 Ferral RD SE.
Oh, I did end up meeting someone this past week though. Funny story...the Zone Leaders asked me and my companion to go to the Foothills Hospital to give a man a blessing and I had to meet a man there by the name of Cody Bass.  So we went there and I was thinking "that name sounds familliar" and so the doors to the Hospital open and I see Elder Bass walk through and take off his shades and says "Freaking Heck" and so I jump at him and gave him a big hug!  It was funny though!   I think I have had at least one connection from home in all my areas, lol.  Oh and another funny thing is that Sister Jarvis's parents are in our ward.   We're still visiting Chewie and making sure he stays focused because he really has the desire to make  changes in his life.  Oh this week he was also being a good missionary and invited one of his friends to one of our discussions and now he's reading and praying and said he wanted to come to church this week.  We're thinking on setting a baptismal date with him as well.   So the work is picking up like crazy in the area.  So many solid investigators are just coming from being here in the area and finding is just coming really easy.  We also have a bunch of potential investigators that we'll start focusing on soon. Overall, it's been really good this week!
Love you Guys,
Elder Justin Gagnon

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