Thursday, January 30, 2014

December 3rd, 2013

Hey fam,
Everything is going great here in good old Calgary!  We're picking up a new investigator today, her name is Mary Marcelin and she gave us a call the other day saying that she wants to quit smoking because she scanned a stop smoking poster or called the number at the bottom and said she'd be interested in trying it.  Can't wait to meet her and help her out.  Oh and we got Christmas all figured out.   We're going to the Stevens family and Sister Stevens is originally a Montrealer and apparently knows Dawn Ross, so tell her she says hi!  I'll try and find out her full name so I'll get it to you for next week.  I'll probably put my package under their tree and open it on Christmas day.  Me and Elder Averett are doing good.  
Everything is going good. we have a lot of potential investigators who are pretty close to becoming investigators and there's a ward Christmas party and a lot of members are bringing their friends.  Also there is a person that we do service for who found us someone who might be interested, and another area who handed off an investigator for us so we just need to contact him.  Marima is also hopefully coming back this week and so we'll probably pick her back up soon because she's been gone for a while.  We've also been utilizing our ward missionaries more often and the Lord seems to be blessing us because of it.
Too bad the missionaries in our ward have no one they're teaching because our ward seems to be a goldmine for investigators.  I remember when Nancy joined the church and the black lady from Botswana, I won't try spelling her name.  But that was when Elder Holm and Elder Bernier were serving and seemed to know how to find investigators in the area.  Elder Blank was also really good at picking the ward up and talking with everyone he came in contact with.  I remember it was him and that Australian Elder McLain who found Nancy.
Well that's about all that happened that was new and exciting for this week. Hope I'll have many other stories to tell for next week :)
Love you guys!
Elder Gagnon

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