Thursday, January 30, 2014

November 19th, 2013

District Activity
                                                     Saying good-bye to Elder Renshaw

Hey fam,
Yea I don't think I'll need the new scriptures, I read the feedback on them and looked at my comps new scriptures and it didn't look that exciting.  Oh well, maybe the next addition will have more stuff and be actually worth while.  But the ones I got right now are great.  I made some scripture boxes for them a couple of months ago with a bunch of mission and church memorabilia on it.  I'll see if I can send some pics of it next week.  My comp Elder Renshaw is pretty dead right now, he arrives home on Thursday and he's super excited but sad at the same time.  He loved the mission and is planning on visiting in the summer.  Just the other day we went to his final interview with President and after on our way back he wanted to see some of the memories of specific areas in Calgary.  I'll send you some pics of us and our final memories together. It was fun serving with him and we're probably going to miss each other.  We worked though and managed to find a lot of people to teach.
Oh and big news, Chee Wee is planning on going to the temple pretty soon to start doing baptisms for the dead and he wants me to go with him as a witness.   He's progressed so well in the gospel and has been reading the Book Of Mormon every day and has the Aaronic priesthood now.  We've also been working with a recent convert named Gram Padler and he's been a member for about three months but never got prepped to receive the priesthood in the YSA ward he was in and so we prepped him and now he has it and will eventually go and do baptisms as well. We also found this one investigator whose name is Kate and is going to UOC.   But we'll have to pass her off because she's YSA, but she's solid, she really likes what we teach and is pretty ready.  We're going to teach her on Friday and hand her off to the sisters of the YSA ward.  We had to do this to a lot of people and hand them off but it's alright because we're getting a lot of investigators handed to us as well.
About Christmas, I just picked up some socks not too long ago and they seem to be pretty sturdy so I think I'll be good for socks.  Maybe a tie or two would be nice, not sure what else I would like.  When I got to the apartment there were a bunch of study materials, so I think I'll be good for studying.  Oh, did Heather come back from Mountainview yet?  If so, I think she has a bunch of books that I aquired from the members in Cardston.
Well that's all for this week.
Love you guys,
Elder Gagnon

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