Friday, November 2, 2012

First letter home from the MTC October 31st, 2012

Hi Mom! The MTC is awesome and the people are great! The young missionary that dropped me off I never saw again but I did get to meet my district the first day. My companion for the MTC right now is Elder Gentry and there is a missionary in my district that is from our stake that's serving in the same area as me. Tell Nathanial that it's the Flamenco Guitar guy from YC. He is in the same district as me and is my room mate. Ask him also how much he loves having that Genesis! Tell Cody to GET HIS PAPERS IN!!!!! along with Nate and please tell them and Jordan and all my friends at church that I love them. If you can, tell Troi thanks for the dear Elder and that I love him too. Tell him to show his brothers and Josh and all the guys how to send a dear elder because they're awesome to receive! Tell Thiago that the chocolate milk is still great and tell him and Jason that I love them, along with the rest of the Glowas and Moraises. Thanks for the Krispy Kream doughnuts and the Reese cups, but don't send any more food cause our food storage is full cause a bunch of missionaries just left and gave us all their food. O ya and when you sent me that package with the shirt lint remover I had just bought one, but the more the better...... I guess....... Anyway I got a bunch of pics that I will send but I can't cause this computer can't show the file cause it needs an update which requires a password to do. But I went to the temple and it was awesome. My time is almost up so I guess you can post all the first paragraph in my blog. Love ya! Elder Justin Gagnon

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