Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 26th, 2012

Elder Gagnon and Aaron Collette, an ex LaSalle ward missionary who now works at the MTC
A comic Elder Southam made of Elder Boyer on his first day of teaching...
Hey Fam! Things in Magrath are awesome, the people are super nice and we get dinner appointments every night! As far as teaching goes there's quite a bit of work that needs to be done in Magrath because there are a lot of less actives, but we do have a few of them is Brother Boudrie, he's what we call a dry Mormon because he goes to church every Sunday, he contributes so much to the church and he has a calling as stake missionary, but he's still not baptized. He tries to hide his non-membership and he does it really well. We also have another investigator named Judy, but she's one of those investigators that you really have to be friends with her for a while before you bring up the subject of baptism because past missionaries have done it and it did not turn out nice. There are more investigators but i just need to see them. There are also a lot of part member families which the non member living in the home wants nothing to do with the church which seems to be the big thing for inactivity for members. If I can describe Magrath to you I would probably say it looks almost identical to Khanawake at home just no natives and a lot of Mormons, with two church buildings and six wards (three in each building). Me and my companion are getting along just great and we're both Zelda fans so we talk a lot of Zelda when we get the chance. O yea before I forget tell Andrew to go on my ps3 account and tell him to add droppie4 or droppie04 to my friend list because he is one of my ward mission leaders. Oh and did you tell Jay about his Sunday school teacher? Ask andrew how the new Blackops is? O and I forgot to tell you , just the other day I went out to buy some Subway and a member lady came from behind and said "I'm paying for you" so that just shows you how nice the members are around here! :) Well I g2g so I'll talk with you guys on Christmas :D Love you guys! Elder Gagnon

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