Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 2 at the MTC

Hey Mom, The MTC is still awesome and some of the food is great, and yea my p-days are on Wednesday at the MTC. I've got a bunch of names for you to add on facebook because I was called to be zone leader. This list is a list of Elders who left: Elders Jordan Don Macky, Raymond Joseph Wilkins, Elder Tanner Allen Smith is awesome and he's from Mountain Green Utah. The two others are from Utah and Maine, Elder Jordan Hulka from Cal, and Daniel Miller from Utah. Now it's my District: Elders Daniel Smith from Utah, Elder Richard Boyer from Texas, Brett Gonser from Arkansas, Charles Kirwan from N Carolina and Elder Nathan Thorne from Missouri. Now people from the new district: Elder Brandon Aalders from Utah, and Evan Holley from Utah. But yea my week has been great, but I already used most of my time sending these names to you. But yea how is everyone at home? I'm sorry to hear what happend to Elder Hopkins. Days at the MTC are pretty repetitive because I'm english speaking. Days consist of class time, study time, planning and gym. Well I hope you guys are doing well and tell all my close friends that I love them. Love you guys! Elder Justin Gagnon P.S. O and I'm going to be at the airport at around 5 am and 8 am Utah time 'cause I'll be transferring.

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