Friday, January 18, 2013

January 14th, 2013

Hey Mom, This week and the past New Years have been great, we stayed at the Lambs though because we had to be in at 6:00 PM, but they had some family over and we played a couple games of rook which is a fun card game. We also went to go visit the Roberts family this week because we had a ward correlation. Bro Robert's wife is the first lady I've met that has a french accent. She's from Quebec city and apparently they visit often so next time I'll tell you their facebooks and you can keep in contact with them. We also started teaching a new family we found a while back called the Whites and we taught the first two lessons with them. We also have two other part member families that we're teaching: The Millwoods and the Andersons. We haven't been able to meet with the Millwoods yet but we've been to see the Anderson's a couple of times. The Anderson's are a sweet family. This week we challenged the father to read and pray about the Book Of Mormon. Well I think that's all for this week, but work here in Magrath is very slow, but I'm still trying to find ways to make it faster! Thanks for the pictures by the way, I really like them. Who are the two new elders? Did Elder Blank say bye to you guys before he left? Well I g2g and sorry for no pictures. Love Elder Gagnon

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