Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 21st, 2013

A sunset they wake up to every morning
A windy day in Magrath!
A member's gun collection
Hey Fam, This week was awesome, we got lots of teaching done which is unusual in Magrath, even more wierd is that we picked up a new investigator! Brother Weatheralt who is a father of a family of members and his youngest daughter just got baptized. This week we also had dinners planned all week which are usually perfect opportunities to pick up some referrals. I guess that's why we're starting to teach more cause we're working through the members pretty good. Some people are funny with the gospel cause when we bring up eternal families they usually say "well I already believe that I'll be with my family forever" and I just think well what church taught you that. This week we also met a member family that has a less active son that we're seeing pretty often. We're also still meeting with Robbie too. We went to Del Bonita for a sacrament meeting and this town is freaky cause there are like 14 people who live out there and 20 years ago there used to be 200 people living out there, so now the town looks like a creepy ghost town. There's just so many abandoned buildings, like the Del Bonita high school and the corner stores just say closed everywhere. I never thought I would ever see a town that would actually scare me, what's even more scary is that there's nothing but older people living out there so sooner or later the population will just hit 0 cause there are no kids out there either. But we have one investigator out there though and I love him and he's funny. Next time I go out there I'll take some pictures that will freak you out. Del Bonita is part of our area but the only problem is that it's 50 km away so it kills our kliks when we go out there. I loved Chris's email though, he grew tons on his mission from the looks of it and I love him for that. But yea my favorite scripture at the moment is my favorite missionary scripture which is all of section 4 of D&C, if you can't get the whole scripture on there just put sections 1,2,4,5,7 or 4,5,6,7 that section is just one of my favorites and I think it would look great on my plaque. Well that's it for this week! Love Elder Justin Gagnon

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