Monday, November 4, 2013

October 8th, 2013

Hey Family,
Sorry about that speeding ticket, I tried paying them in cash but it didn't work out, so if you pay for it I'll just put the money in my card and you can take it out. 
Well this week has been pretty good, we picked up a new investigator, her name is Georgia and we're going to show her how the gospel can help her in her life.  We've also been working with a lot of less active members because there are a lot of them in the ward.  It also looks like I'm not getting transferred, but I will be getting a new companion and not training.  So I'll probably just be senoir comp for the next transfer.  I also got a message from President saying that the mission is getting 35 new missionaries!  We also had dinner at a member's place and President was there and we were just talking about mission business and he told me that Magrath will be split into two areas this transfer, so there'll probably be a Magrath North and South areas which is crazy because just a little bit before I came out Magrath and Raymond were one area, now there are four areas between the two!
I also loved conference this week, a lot of the talks were really inspiring.  I left my note book at the apartment but I did love a lot of what was said though I took notes mainly on the sctrptures that were used and now I'm just trying to find them because they mention them but not where they are so I'll be doing quite a bit of searching this week.  I've also been reading the Ensign quite a bit this week and I love the stuff they post about missionary work.  It's really inspiring.  I love the whole article about being a successful missionary.   It made me think a bit differently about what I did in my past areas because I felt a little unsuccessful coming out of Cardston, but then I thought of how small our teaching pool was when I got in there and that seemed to be good when I saw that our planners started beginning to be full every day with meaningful activities.  So even if I left with no baptisms or reactivations, I feel like I left the future missionaries something to work with. But overall this week was a good week and I can't wait for the changes this coming week.
Love you guys
Elder Gagnon

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