Monday, November 4, 2013

September 30th, 2013 - Che Wee's baptism!

Elder Bennion, Chee Wee and Elder Gagnon at Chee Wee's baptism

Hey Family,
The baptism this week was great!  Chee Wee is super excited to start doing his family history and we're also getting a snowball effect from our efforts. Chee Wee has also been working really close with us and working on all of his friends, so were going to start working with some of them soon.
Well it looks like I'm getting transferred pretty soon because Elder Bennion is almost done with his training, so I'll have to hand off the area to him and they'll move me wherever the Lord needs me.  I just hope the area keeps the momentum it has because right now it's picking up like crazy. We actually picked up a Muslim family this past week and at first they were a little scared and hesitant to learn about us.  They told us the story about Mohammed and how he was the last prophet and so we ended up teaching about the restoration and the father felt something because he said it would make him happy if there was a prophet today.  He told us that whatever Mohammed left was the last revelations by prophets and we told him how much God loves us that he'd send more.  So we invited them to attend general conference and they said yes.  So I know the prophet will soften their hearts in letting them know that there is a prophet because right now they believe that Christ was a prophet and nothing else so we try teaching them keeping it very prophets based.  Then we will probably get into the atonement and how we don't do sacrifices any more. They're a really nice family though :)
This week has been good, and I'm happy that Andrew's been doing well in seminary.  Tell him to keep up the good work and to keep Moroni's promise in his heart because it's the best way to get the most out of the Book of Mormon.
Well I g2g so I'll talk to ya next week!
Love Elder Justin Gagnon

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