Monday, November 4, 2013

September 16th, 2013

Meeting up with Tyler Paxman (an ex-LaSalle ward missionary) at Stake Conference
Hey Family
Everything is going well here in Calgary and Chee Wee is getting baptised on the 28th!   I will also be baptizing him so expect a picture of me and Chee Wee dressed white in about two weeks :)   I'm super happy for him!  He's made great changes in his life and really humbled himself before the Lord. He's also been sharing the gospel with others which is really good. My companion and I also got him a triple combination and a bible with a case and we're also planning on ordering a preach my gospel as well because I lend him my big one once and a while and he really likes it.  He says it's very well written and the principles are very well taught and the sciptures at the bottom of each section complemented it well, so we're going to get him one because he likes it so much.  He'll probably be someone I'll be visiting after the mission.
This week was also stake conference and it was really good to hear all the people talk about their experiences with service since the flood.  I remember helping out that one day at High River and just seeing the people there softening there hearts towards us and them knowing that we are normal people that love helping out our fellow man was so great.   I can definitely see good things happening in High River the next little while because the people there now love the church and the service it provides for everyone.  They also of course talked about member missionary work and so far we've been doing pretty good with keeping members on top of missionary work.  We've been giving out family mission plans to each member family that we visit and they so far seem open to do missionary work.   Some families have been doing well with it and asked us to set a date with them to follow up to see how they're doing.
That's good that Andrew is studying the Book of Mormon this year. You can tell him it's my favorite book and that before he studies it each day to take the promise in Moroni 10: 3-5 into account and pray about it every day.  He'll get a more clear understanding of the message it contains.  I always try to do that every day when I do my personal study and it does make quite a difference. But yea, it's crazy that I'm almost a year out and that I'm one of the old guys out in the mission because everyone is just super young now.
Well I can't wait to hear from you next week!
Love you
Elder Justin Gagnon

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