Monday, November 4, 2013

September 9th, 2013

Elder Gagnon and Elder Sorenson
                                                 Elder Gagnon and Elder Cole
                                          New personalized scriptures :)

Hey Family!
I had a funny feeling Chris was going to get married soon, it sounded like she was on Chris's mind for a while.  So am I going to be home for the sealing or is that coming up pretty soon?  O well if I don't come home for the time of the sealing at least there will be pics of them coming out of the temple. I'll probably get sealed in the Cardston temple if anything just because it's my favorite temple and I don't think anything else will beat it,  just because it's so unique compared to every other temple I've seen. ( I haven't been in the Calgary Temple but I doubt it stands a chance)  But the week has been good.  We street contacted into someone the other day and said he has a problem with smoking, so we told him we'd love to share this stop smoking program we have with him and he accepted and gave us his number. Oh and you wouldn't believe who I saw last night.  I saw Taylor Hudson when we went to a dinner appointment with one of the less actives were working with.  They're preparing to enter the temple some time soon so we shared how going to church is one of the first steps you need to do before you enter the temple. We also challenged them to read the Pearl of Great Price because everything will make sense when they go to the temple if they read it.   We're also working on finding a lot this week because our teaching pool is a little low.  We're also working with this less active man who's looking to get back and we've been working with the members a lot as well.   Overall this week was a good week.

Love you guys

 Elder Gagnon

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