Tuesday, June 10, 2014

December 17th, 2013

Hey family,
Sorry I didn't get a chance to E-mail you the other day, there was a lot of stuff happening the other day.  Like first we had to get our car fixed which took forever because the brakes on the car got shot and the place we took it to was also not the quickest.  When it was all done we then got a call to give a blessing so all of our P-day got shot, we really had no time for anything.  Oh well the Lord blessed us though because as we were going to the hospital we ran into a man who moved her from Africa who we just talked to and said he'd been taught 1 time by the missionaries but he moved here so he hadn't seen them since.  So we asked him if we could share more with him and he accepted!   He also said he has a family and they've been reading the Book of Mormon after their first visit with the missionaries. His name is Chris Ozoh and he's super nice.  We also picked up another guy this week. His name is Amier and he's Muslim but he likes LDS ideas and is happy when we visit him.  One of our potential investigators also found us someone that we're going to meet in the New Year because she said the holidays are keeping her busy.  So the work has picked up a lot in the past week. I'll probably be gone New Year's day though so I might not be around for all the good stuff that's happening.  I've been serving here though for about 6 months now and loved every day of it though. In past areas it was hard to street contact and tract because of all the Mormons that lived around, who knows maybe they'll just transfer me within Calgary so I can get permission to see some of the baptisms that happen after I leave.  Kelsey is also doing well and we'll probably set a baptismal date with him this week.
Christmas is pretty close though and can't wait to see you guys the next week. Today was also district meetings.  Oh and this transfer Elder Fitamont is going home to Montreal and you should ask Patrick or his wife when he'll be landing so you can see him. He is such a great Elder and has developed into a great servent of the Lord as he's gone through his mission.
Love you guys!
Elder Gagnon

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