Tuesday, June 10, 2014

January 13th, 2014

Hey Family,
This week was great!  We found this less active family who's looking to get back into the church and said they would like to meet with us 3 times a week. She had broken up with her husband and so she didn't feel to good about the church the past while, they also said that their 10 year old son wanted to get baptized but he was 7 when they were active in the church, so they never got around to it but now he's 10 and he said he still wants to get baptized but he said we should teach him cause he doesn't remember too much about the church.  We found two families like that this week, so our finding efforts are paying off this week.  We've been a bit shaky on teaching maybe just because she has a lot of anti-Mormon room mates that she's living with so that may not be the best influence on her.  If we do get in with her again we'll see what influence her friends will have on her and if she really wants this for herself.  She'll make a great member of the church though if she joins,  so I keep her in my prayers often.  There wasn't too much that happened this week but the computer is probably going to shut down soon because of the crazy hail we're getting out side right now.   The lights are flickering like crazy right now.... not sure how long it will last.
Love you guys!
Elder Gagnon
                                                   Bishop Holthe and Elder Gagnon


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