Tuesday, June 10, 2014

January 6th, 2014 - Transferred to Lethbridge!

Hey Family,
I would have liked everyone to guess just to make it interesting but oh well!   Mom guessed Medicine Hat, ask Dad, Andrew and Chris to guess before you tell them where I'm at.  So... I'm in Lethbridge, serving in the west Lethbridge stake in the Mountain Heights ward.  It's a pretty sweet ward.  I'm serving with Elder Eastus and he's from Vernal, Utah.  I'm his second companion and he just finished the 12 week program, I'm pretty close to Magrath as well. I was super excited to hear that I was going back to the south again.   At the transfer station the Assistance to the President asked me if I knew where Lethbridge was and I said "yep" so they handed me keys to a Subaru and told me to get some missionaries and leave.  So I did that really quickly.  We stopped at Clairsholm in between cause they have the missions famous chicken.  It's probably the best fried chicken I ever had!  We got it when I first came out and so we just had to have some again.  The ward is good though.  They're really down for doing missionary work. We picked up an investigator yesterday.  Her name is May and she's from China.  We picked her up when we had our dinner appointment last night and she's super nice.  We invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and she said she'll do it.  We've also been praying for her and hope the next time we meet her she found out it's true.  So that was a miracle find this week.  The apartment though is in a basement but not of a members house.  The people who live upstairs are non-members but not interested.  I found it funny because we live in a community called Laval in Lethbridge and it reminded me of the Laval from home.  The apartment gets really cold in the mornings though cause we're in a basement.  But we called the housing people right away to come with an electric heater.  Oh I also found at the apartment a new set of scriptures that my companion didn't want and had no clue who they belonged to so he said I can have them, so I took them and study from them every day.  They're still not as good as those ones that I showed you guys but they do the job and they are like new which is nice.  Well that's about it for this week but don't tell Dad or Andrew where I'm at until they guess.
Love you guys!
Elder Gagnon
Hope you like the pics. One of them is of me and Elder Fitamont who just got home to Montreal not too long ago.
                                                    Chee Wee and Elder Gagnon

                                                   Elder Fitamont and Elder Gagnon


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