Tuesday, June 10, 2014

December 31st, 2013 **Getting Transferred!!**

Hey Fam,
I'm getting transferred back south of the mission again and I'm so excited.  I think I might either get transferred to Medicine Hat, Brooks, Taber or BC.  I don't think I'll go to Lethbridge, it's a possibility though.  You should look at the mission map and predict where I'm going and I'll tell you where I am in a week.  It'll be fun!  Just to let you know that south of the mission is anywhere south of High River (High River is not south though) and anywhere in BC, and Med Hat or Lethbridge.  I also got word a couple days ago that some of the investigators that we were teaching in Cardston got baptized which was great to hear!  I knew they would get baptized but a lot of them would just take a while.
I also managed to talk to Minerva for a bit but I couldn't hear her cause I was looking at a screen . But it was super cool seeing her though for the first time.  Me and Andrew hung out for a while though and I tried telling him to take me to certain people but he just stared at me and drooled the whole time.  It was funny though seeing him again and being able to make the jokes we used to make.
The Old Testament is going to be great though,  I love all the symbolism that it has.  Oh and did I ever tell you that one of my favorite books in the scriptures is Isaiah? I also love the story in 2Kings ch.5 where Naaman dips in the River Jordan 7 times to be cleansed from leprosy. Or when Abraham almost sacrifices his son Isaac.  The savior is mentioned almost everwhere in the Old Testament we just need an open heart to find where He is.  I hope you have fun teaching it though and can't wait to hear from you guys next week.
Love Elder Gagnon
Hope you like the pics!


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