Thursday, March 21, 2013

February 11th, 2013

Hey Fam, This week was transfers so Elder Jones got transferred to Calgary and the baptism ended up not happening this week because she felt rushed a little. I think it was because Elder Jones was leaving soon so he wanted to get a baptism in Magrath before he left. So she said she's still going to read and pray and live the gopel principles while she's in Mexico. But we still have a baptism coming up this week. His name is Kyler Lybert and he was adopted so he's not a child of record, so it counts as a convert baptism. Robbie, the guy who was going to go to the temple is actually only allowed to go to the temple in about 18 more days. He called me this morning and told me that. My new companion is good. His name is Elder Byer and he's from Lynden, Utah. So he's my first Utah companion. He's been out about 15 months and he likes Magrath so far. This week we might be picking up a new investigator whose name is Jammy Loose and he agreed to meet with us. We also have a lot of potential investigators which we're trying to get to take the discussions so were really working hard these next few weeks. So how are things going at home? I hope you and Dad have a fun time in Vegas. There's actually a member we met not too long ago who served there and he says he misses it a lot. Well that's about it for this week and yes we're helping Sister Lamb with a lot of house work during the week. Love you guys. Elder Justin Gagnon

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