Thursday, March 21, 2013

February 5th, 2013

Hey Fam, Well it's that time again! It's transfers and I'm staying here in Magrath, but my companion is moving but I won't know where he's going till we get to the transfer station on Wednesday. I also have no clue who my new companion will be, but I know I'm not training so I might just get another senior comp. This week coming up is going to be a good one because I got my first convert baptism coming up and her name is Dana Harker. My companion is a little sad because he is not going to be there for it. We also managed to get one of our less actives to the temple and he'll be going next Wednesday and he said he wants me to come to do the baptisms! I just need permission to go to the Cardston temple from my president, I can't wait to go though! I can't wait to send all kinds of pictures from this week. The work here in Magrath is finally progressing. we also have a lot of potential investigators which is good but we just need them to let us in to teach... Grr! Oh well, as long as we keep working through the members we will find many people to teach. Oh and if your wondering why I'm sending this on Tuesday, it's because today is transfer p-day. We also did a lot of stop bys the last few days because Elder Jones wanted to say bye to some people here in Magrath. Oh and I'm also done the 12 week program and I'll tell you who my companion is next week. Oh and don't forget to send me Chris's email so I can keep in touch with him. Love you guys Elder Justin Gagnon

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