Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 12th, 2013 - Transferred from Macgrath

Saying good-bye to Brother Holder The Quickenden Family The Beres Family The O'Neil Family The Miller Family The Blackwell Family whose son will be serving a mission in Guam Hey Family, There has been some big changes this past week, one of them being that our mission president sent us an e-mail I was really shocked to see! It reminded us of some mission rules and policies and then he told us that we could e-mail FRIENDS! I was so shocked when I saw this and I almost don't want to do it cause I'm scared about how many e-mails I'll receive, but I'll always remember that family comes first and that's all that matters. I also got a ton of people to sign and write something in my journal and I kept it organized by putting a table of contents in the beginning of the book so I can find what people wrote quickly. One entry was actually super spiritual and I shed a couple of tears reading it. It talked about thanking me for sharing the messages with him and how I "shed a new light on his life that he had little knowledge of" and he said he doesn't get missionaries like me and said he will miss me. It's weird getting transferred because it feels like my mission has come to an end but it's not, it's only done in Magrath. But I don't want it to be. LOL! It's been fun though and I managed to get about 40 names and writings in my journal this past week. As far as transfers go I will only know where I'm going when I get to the transfer station in Lethbridge tomorrow. I know what a tease, I do know that I'll be in the southern zones though but that's all they tell me as far as where I'm going. So hows everything going at home? I see that you are doing well in your calling which is good, but yea you can post on my blog and Facebook that I can receive emails now and send me everyone who puts their email in so I can sent some love to everyone! Love you guys Elder Gagnon Pics this week consist of Brother Holder who is the biggest goon I ever met, But I love him. The Quickendens who are a family I just love to death, and the Beres Family.

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