Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 18th, 2013 - First week in Cardston West Stake

Saying good-bye to Sister Lamb Leaving Magrath! The Zobel Family The Jinkins Family The Spackman Family The Roberts Family The Cardston Temple The Cardston Temple Hi Family! Yep I got transferred to the Cardston West Stake and I love it here because it's where we usually spent our p-days when I was in Magrath. The first thing I did the morning of my first full day was call the Jensens and get invited over for dinner, it was fun getting to see them again. Kris has a bunch of jobs lined up for him in Mountain View. I'm happy for him and the family, they have such strong faith. Oh yea we also cover a couple of other small areas. One being Mountain View and Waterton, Leavitt and Beazer. Leavitt has weird Sundays, it doesn't start off with the usual sacrament meeting, Gospel Doc, and Priesthood. Instead it's completely the opposite. What's really nice is that we have the Cardston Alberta temple near by and it looks so nice. I'll send some pictures of it today. I got here though and realized that the work here was almost dead. First thing I did was look at our teaching pool and there was like no one, so I went to the area book and picked up a bunch of less active families and nearly doubled our teaching pool this past week. So now we're booked up with some lessons this week. My new companion is Elder Wilson from Vernal, Utah and I'm hoping to pick up a lot more people to add to the teaching pool and possibly find some investigators to pick up because right now we have only 1. Pat Bulluck is her name and I visited her when we set up splits with some young men. When we visited her the first thing she told me was that all I wanted to do was convert her and I had to explain to her that I'm just here to share what makes my life as happy as it is and you can choose to accept our message or reject it and she said that she liked us and hopes that we come by more often. We also have a recent convert that we work out with every morning at 6. So I'm looking to get a lot more fit being in this area. Tell Dad that I started a good work out routine now that I'm in Cardston. It wasn't so hard to leave Magrath though because it's still so close by. I'm still in the same district though and what's really cool is that our mission got 31 new missionaries this past transfer in the mission. What an exciting time to be a missionary! Love you guys Elder Justin Gagnon Pics include what I get to gaze at every night and the Roberts family from Magrath.

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