Thursday, March 21, 2013

February 25th, 2013

Hey family, This week was super good, we picked up a new investigator this week and he's pretty solid. I hope I don't leave this next transfer because this area is just booming. Dana harker (the person who held off on baptism for a bit) is coming back from her trip to Mexico this week so we're going to get right back to work with her. Also our new investigator accepted the invite to baptism on the first lesson which was good cause now we just have to prep him. He told us that lesson that he already believed a lot of stuff that we already believe and he said he really likes the standards we keep with the word of wisdom and all that. It just goes to show you how the Lord prepares these people for us to guide them to come unto Christ. We also have this other family who moved here from Montreal. They used to go to the french ward but moved here. They are the Jenkins family and they're super fun. They also have this plan that they're going to have a family games night and invite some of their non member friends over and we'll share a spiritual message, so we might get some investigators out of that. So Cody is going to Colorado, that's sweet! I've got to start sending letters soon before he leaves. So Sherece must be out of the MTC. Did you see her on her mission yet? The missionary boom is starting to come into effect, we might be getting another set of missionaries here in Magrath and there's been new areas opening up this past transfer. Oh and things with the new companion are good, I sent you most of his info in the last e-mail. There was also rumours not too long ago about splitting this mission. So there was going to be a Canada Calgary mission and a Canada Lethbridge mission which would have been interesting because Lethbridge would be a really small mission. But it didn't end up happening. There were new missions opening up though around the world but I was suprised that the Winnipeg mission didn't split because that is a huge mission. I think it covers all of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and parts of Ontario. But I do know it covers all of those two provinces though. It's crazy! But I'm doing well and the people here are great as always. Love you guys Elder Gagnon

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