Tuesday, June 11, 2013

March 25th, 2013

Hey family, This week was pretty slow in terms of work because my companion has been sick all week, but we have been trying to set up splits as much as possible cause I cannot just stay in the apartment and do nothing all day. He's been out for 3 months by the way just to answer your question and I try to pray for him every day. So far though the work is picking up slowly but surely. I've been praying a lot for the area and we've been getting lots of referrals from members. One of them seemed pretty interested and says that he would like the lessons once work calms down. We also had the oppertunity to get gas and the person behind the counter asked us some questions about the temple. So we filled him in and gave him a Book Of Mormon and a temple magazine. He also said he would love to meet with us when work calms down a little, his name is Pasini and him and his family own the fast gas business and they're from Pakistan. We're also planning on picking up some more investigators this week cause theres a cub car rally and Chili cook off and we asked the youth who will be serving missions soon to bring their non member friends to the event. We also have some potentials that might show up as well. I've definitely seen the blessings of praying for the area and it seems like we will see lots of success in the next couple of weeks. So that's cool that you guys got a new car. I love the colour by the way! It's like the perfect style of blue. Oh my, this might sound way off topic but I just saw and spoke to Veronique Jensen who just walked into the library. She's just doing some grocery shopping here in Cardston because Mountan View has like one corner store. LOL. But anyway really nice car. I can't wait to take it for a spin one day. The snow also seems pretty crazy. I've been having a great winter though. We get big dumps of snow but the chinooks just take it all away the next day. I think I used my boots like once this winter. That was when we went snowshoeing in Waterton Park. I also heard that Heather Schurman might be moving up here to work in Waterton and I might just be around to see her move here. Well so far everything is going well and I love you guys. Love Elder Justin Gagnon

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