Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 13th, 2013

Hey family,
Everything is doing well here in the Bow Valley ward.   I think I'll bring that up to Chewie tonight about the Caf Lib stuff you drink.  He came to church this past Sunday though and saw a farewell talk and our gospel principles class was on the atonement which was good because he was participating really well.  He really loves the gospel and knows it can make great differences in his life.   We got a bunch of referrals from people who filled out forms at the Calgary Temple visitors center, so we might have a bunch more investigators soon.  There are so many people going away for the summer so teaching is beginning to be a bit slow right now.  It will probably pick up a bit once school starts again. Yesterday we went to Banff National park and it was huge compared to Waterton.  There's just so much to see in one day.   There's just a branch in the park and a pair of sister missionaries cover that and Cochrane.   Banff used to be it's own area at one time but apparently the missionaries were being disobedient and got kicked out.  But it seems like there can be so much work to do down there and its opened all year round.  That apparently happened to a lot of areas in the mission.  Jay Glowas area is shut down because of disobiedient missionaries and apparently the ward members wanted nothing to do with missionary work.   But the area I'm serving in has quite a good history from past missionaries.  I love the area I serve in and there's so much stuff happening in it which is nice.   I can definitely see the Lords blessings for serving in the areas I served before. 
So, was Universal Studios as good as the MGM Studios.  I loved Disney, it was so much fun.  But we should definitely try out Banff one summer or winter because it is sweet up there!  Banff was apparently the start for Canada's national parks.  I remember going there and hearing a lot of Quebec french speakers there, which was funny because I thought I would never see any Quebecois for two years but they hang around up here all the time.
Well I probably should get going!
Love you Guys
Elder Justin Gagnon

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