Wednesday, August 21, 2013

July 16th, 2013 - Transferred to the North!

                                           Saying good-bye to the Gibbings family....

Well I got the transfer call today and I'm getting transferred to the north.  So I'll probably be in Calgary, and yea I've been in Cardston for 4 1/2 months.  It took a while getting this area back on its feet again and gaining member trust, but I'm happy where the area is going. We've also been saying bye to a lot af members the past little while cause I'm gonna miss Cardston and all these little Mormon towns cause all the history that surrounds me is just so cool. Oh, I also left Heather with a bunch of books that I've acquired over the past little while. I also decided to get myself some new scriptures because a member came up to me and my companion and gave us $50.00 each which was a crazy amount coming from a member.  I've never got that from someone. That was just insane.  But I got nice new scriptures out of it with a nice scripture case and I'm planning on getting my name on them as well while it's our P-day.  Sorry if there are a lot of typos in this e-mail because just the other day my middle figure got badly hurt  from helping someone move.  Cardston also is getting a second set of sisters so there will be 4 sets of missionaries in Cardston, and there's only like 4000 people who live here so I'm not sure why they're opening up another area here.  I mean Chateauguay has like 200,000 people and there's only one set of missionaries there.  But I believe that stuff will still get done around here because there's lots of work to do. Oh and with the person's heart we softened, she's still super nice to us and lets us in often but she will not accept messages from us. The husband is pretty open to talk about the gospel, so if we bring him back I think she'll listen too.  Well I better get going. We have lots to do today!
Love you guys!
Elder Justin Gagnon

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