Wednesday, August 21, 2013

July 30th, 2013

Hey Family,
Everything is going really well here in the area.  We picked up 2 investigators this past week. One of them being Aireen who is about 90 years old but still pretty healthy for her age.  But we challanged her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and she accepted and we also told her if she finds out if it is true will she get baptised and she accepted!  So we're going to be working with her for the next little while.  We also have another investigator, his name is Chewie and he says he's the only Chewie in Canada.  But he said he will also read the Book of Mormon. We're also meeting with him tonight so we might just extend a date for him and also get him coming to church.  He's a really funny guy and reminds me a lot of Cedric Phan.  He's just a lot of fun and we actually street contacted into him and just told him about the church and he said he had been looking for a job so we're going to get him in contact with the employment specialist in our ward.  Oh and that's one thing I like about serving in a ward is that you get to know the members a lot better and you work more closely with your auxillaries in the ward.  I still miss Cardston and Magrath though, but at the same time I know that the Lord sent me here for a reason and that those areas really helped prepare me for these types of areas because finding is a lot easier in these areas since I'm not trying to figure out who is a non-member and who is a member because non-members are everywhere!  
Love you guys a lot!!!
Elder Justin Gagnon

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