Wednesday, August 21, 2013

July 2nd, 2013 Happy Canada Day!

Hey Family,
Sorry to hear that you've got all scraped up this past week.  I miss going on bike rides down that way though and seeing all the nature and riding through swarms of mosquitoes!   I also wrote Elder Bernier and he told me that his parents were sealed in the Cardston temple.  Cool huh?  Did he tell you guys about that at all because he just told me about that today.  We've also been having some success these past few weeks.  One of them being that there was this less active boy who hadn't been coming to church for weeks on end and his parents were really concerned for him.  So we would go over there and teach him pretty often and eventually, he told us that he wants to serve a mission.  So we got the bishop involved and got him back to church which was so great to hear.  On our last P-day we decided to hang out with him for a bit and play some Monopoly for the day which was really fun. He ended up winning in the end but it was still super fun to play again.
We've also been trying different ways to fellowship our investigators. Like we might be picking up an investigator through our ward mission leader who's going to invite us to play golf with one of his non-member friends.  We've also started a weekly service activity at a senior's center here in Cardston.  We just help with their bowling activity and the bingo they have once a week.  We've also been helping out at the handicap center twice a week as well and help raise money for them.  We've also been helping out with a member's roof which got destroyed from the hail damage a year ago.  The Members have also been keeping us busy the last while as well with their non member friends and picking up new investigators that way.  We just have to focus on which investigators we want to focus on who seem the most solid.
But overall the area is doing really well.  Still no sign of Robby from Magrath going to the temple though.  I'm probably going to call Magrath and see what's up with that cause now I'm worrying a little bit cause when I was there I grew to love the man and his wacky sense of humor and how he was going to the temple soon.
I hope everything is going well at home though and congratz on the diploma!  Now you done did gradgeeate from Concordia Eh! LOL!
Love you guys!
Elder Justin Gagnon

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