Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 6th, 2013

Hey family,
Well I just found out that these computers in the library are not too good so it might be a while till we see some pictures come in.   I know it stinks.  But overall the area is doing great.  One of our investigators, Chewie is super excited about the church and we set a baptismal date with him.  Now he just needs to give up coffee and read the Book of Mormon and he'll be ready pretty soon I think. He's a super solid street contact that me and my comp ran into a couple of weeks ago.  We also got a couple of media referrals this week which are really solid.  We are pretty close to the temple and the whole High River and Calgary clean up is getting a lot of people interested in the church. So we're probably going to contact them ASAP.  The ward is also super great, we helped a young man move the other day and he was kind enough to give us some nice church music he used to listen on his mission.  We also had dinner the other night with a Collete family,  but they had no connection with Elder Collete, they are a super fun family and they told us their house is open to any of the missionaries that want to go over and abuse there board game collection!   I was happy to hear that, there's also been some changes to the Missionary dress.  The Elders are now able to wear just a sweater in the winter and we don't need to wear our suit coat all the time any more.  They're also getting rid of all back packs and just going to use shoulder bags which ticked off a lot of missionaries, but I had a feeling that they would get rid of those some time soon.  We can also wear light colored suits and pants that are grey, black or brown.  So I've been looking a lot in the cheap clothes places in stores and found a really nice pair of pants for 2 $ at a Bargain Barn.!  It was crazy when I found them; they were like new and they fit perfectly and needed no alteration!  They also match great with those grey socks you gave me when I left so I started wearing those now.  But it's crazy how this summer is already coming to an end.  We really didn't have much of a summer this year.  We did have a total of like three really hot days this year and the rest has been pretty normal. But the weather here is super great, I love it.  The winter is not too cold and the summers are not too hot.  I'm also really happy to be serving at this time because there are so many different changes happening in the mission.  Like this past week I was really suprized to hear that the indian resurve was opened up to a missionary couple as a new area in the mission.  But over all all is going well and we're seeing lots of success in the area.
Love you guys
Elder Justin Gagnon

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