Tuesday, June 11, 2013

April 24th, 3013 - Becoming a trainer and a visit to the Cardston temple!

Hey Fam,

Well this week is transfer week and I was asked to train here in Cardston which seems like it's going to be fun!  I guess they called me because of the big influx of missionaries that we're getting this transfer. This transfer we're getting 24 new missionaries in the mission.  Whats crazy is that some Sister Missionaries are training after being out for only 6 weeks in the field!  It's really cool too that the work is really getting a lot bigger.  I'm really ecxited to have my first boy though because I did train a greenie for a day because we had an exchange and it was really fun going over the stuff I was trained on by Elder Jones.
I find that crazy that the mall burnt down which means no more Deli Bec and I loved that ice cream shop. It was the closest one to our place, now we have to go all the way to DQ.  Oh well, but yea to answer some of your questions, we have been working but I always have to organize splits.  Because of some problems I'm with Elder Binnie for now which is one of our zone leaders.  It's been nice because we were able to do some missionary work.  We went to the temple this morning and it was a fantastic experience!  This is a really different temple with probably the darkest celestial room in the world!   It's still pretty bright but it shows me and really built my testimony on how hard the saints worked on this temple with their skill and craftsmanship left a mark on how big their testimonies were of the restored gospel.  The celestial room was super cool there though. The room was made of all mahogony wood and there was only white on the ceiling to lighten the room up. I loved it though and we have to go to that temple some day because you will love it!  I was also asking people where they got the granite from and they said they got it all from BC and had to haul it to Cardston which is super cool.   It was really nice to be a part of an endowment session in the first temple in Canada.

Love you guys

Elder Gagnon

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