Tuesday, June 11, 2013

April 26th, 2013 - Update on new trainee

Hey Fam!
I just got my boy a couple of days ago and his name is Elder Mac Duff.  He's from Quebec City and so every morning when we wake up we do language study as well as companionship study which is weird because we never had to do that on my mission.  I love it though!  I find it so effective because I'm also improving on my French because of it.  He's a super nice Elder though and has a great desire to serve the Lord.  I'm so happy and feel blessed for my endurance from the last transfer!  Oh and the reason I'm writing you on a Friday is because President told me to write you once I got the new missionary.
If you want to find his parents you can look in the Quebec Longueil stake directory. I'm pretty sure his family is the only Mac Duff's in the stake.   Carole is his mother's first name though.
Love you guys
Elder Jusin Gagnon

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