Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May 21st, 2013

Fudge shop in Waterton....apparently it's the best!
                 Visiting a senior's residence in his old area, Magrath on splits day
                                         Mountain goats in Waterton Park
                           Having fun on "plasma cars" at Sister Swift's house - check out the video below!


Hey Fam!

Things are just getting better every day here in Cardston.  We've been finding a lot more people to teach which is good and we've been trying to gain back member trust in the area because that seemed to be a big problem in this area in the past.   No one really liked the missionaries too much,  but a lot of people like us now which is good and people are starting to trust us with their referrals.  We just picked up a new investigator last night.  His name is Earl Cowan and he lives with a member family. He's a really nice guy and loves having the missionaries over.  He told us in the beginning that he was not going to listen to spiritual thoughts if that's what we came there for, but we did a subtle spiritual thought anyway and committed him to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and pray about it and he said yes!  This was a suprise because in the beginning I thought we were going to go nowhere with him but we tried to focus a lot on listening to what he had to say and the spirit just did the rest!  We also got a new ward mission leader in 1st ward which is good because we've been without a ward mision leader for a while in that ward.   We also got a new ward mission leader for the Mountain View ward too which is good.  This past p-day we ended up going to Waterton Park and it's super nice up there and it's part of our proselyting area because there's a branch we cover up there that's only open in the summer.  We're not allowed proselyzing up there though because the park is scared that people might not come back if we start approaching people.  So we'll start going up there and just walk around all dressed up and see if people approach us instead because theres a lot of people that go up there in the summer.

But that's cool that Elder Bernier came back to visit.   Did he give you guys his e-mail?   If so what is it?    I would like to start e-mailing him once and a while. Did he also end up visiting Nancy Taylor? If he's still there tell him I said hi and that I miss going on splits with him and Elder Holm.   We had so much fun together!  Tell him that I also thought that we rolled dice and that he couldn't visit Montreal till I came back.   Tell him he should fly up to Alberta one of these days to visit because it's super cheap to fly from Utah to Alberta (people here do it all the time).  Tell him also that I love him for being the great Elder that he was.   Well,  hope everything is going good back at home and I hope to hear from you guys next week.

Love you guys!

Elder Gagnon

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