Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May 27th, 2013

Elder Gagnon with his companion, Elder MacDuff on his birthday at the Olsen's house....Sister Olsen sent me the picture with the following message: 
Today I met your son Elder Gagnon!! And here he is on his Birthday for you to see! He says to say thank you for the birthday present...the Werewolf Cards!!, He was looking great, seemed very happy and excited for his birthday. I told him had I known I’d have baked him a cake, but he said they just came from another family who had a birthday cake for him!
He was shocked when I told him I had talked (emailed) with you, he said you know my mom????
Haha, I reassured him that us missionary mom’s look out for each other and our missionaries!!
He is a great young man, had a super spirit about him and he and his companion seem to be content with one another.
I was excited when I saw his name tag, and I recognized it right away!! So fun to make these connections!!
He’s doing well and he is happy and healthy, and I’m looking out for him for you!!
Jeanine Olsen
Having fun at the Tanner's

Hi Family!

Sorry, but I have to get going soon because the zone leaders told us that we're going to go to Waterton Parks with the whole zone!  So sorry if this is going to be a short e-mail.  Well we're doing good this week.  We managed to pick up a new investigator, his name is Earl Cowan and he works for the fire department and loves having the missionaries over. We also started a thing where every week we're going to go to the Temple Street Villa (a senior's residence) and share spiritual thoughts. (kind of like what we did at the Diamond Willow at Magrath).   I love doing that because you gain a relationship with a lot of the seniors and some of them end up giving you referrals.  I still remember sharing my last spiritual thought at the Diamond Willow in Magrath and how many of them told me that they were going to miss me.   It was a emotional day lol.  But things are really moving along in Cardston and we might actually start going to Waterton to start teaching some people because a lot of people go there at this time of year.   The past couple of days the weather has been a little bad as well but it clears up pretty fast.  Actually two weeks ago was pretty weird, we had winter, spring and summer all in one day!  It started off pretty chilly out, then out of nowhere a giant blizzard comes over us for like 10 minutes, then it cleared up and the sun came out and melted all the snow away!  It was super weird!   Well I better get going, the ZL's are texting me like crazy!

Love you guys

Elder Justin Gagnon

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