Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10th, 2013

Saying good-bye to Elder Jones (he's going home), one of the first missionaries Justin met when he got to the mission
                                         Waterton park
 A can of Spam for Jason Glowa (because he knows Jason will get a kick out it...!)
Hey family,

Not much happened this week, only that Cardston got it's own set of Sister Missionaries which is pretty cool, we got Sister Long,  Lanham, and Stucki.  They're all from Utah and they're working great here in the area.  We had to hand off a lot of our people that we were teaching to them but now we're going to try and find more people to teach.  Oh and also the district ended up splitting, so now Magrath, Raymond East and Raymond West are now their own district and Cardston West, East and the Sister Missionaries in Cardston are going to be their own district.  Before they were combined in one, so now there are three districts in the Fort Macleod zone....the areas include: Clairsholm/Champion, Fort Macleod,  Pincher Creek.  The three areas in Cardston, Magrath, and both areas in Raymond.   This is just crazy because now there are 19 missionaries in the zone and soon they might be splitting both stakes in Cardston and possibly splitting the zone into two zones. One being a Cardston zone and a Fort Mac zone.   Lol!  It probably sounds like I'm speaking chinese!  But this is super cool how the mission is just growing like crazy.  Oh and we might be getting a couple of baptisms pretty soon.   It's the Olsen family who have been less active for years and we got them to start coming back to church and a couple of their kids are interested in joining, so tonight were going to set a date for the end of the month for a baptismal service. There are also a lot of investigators that are going to start progressing pretty fast....one of them being Joseph H., who just needs a confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true.   He told us last time that he wants it to be true and that he would like to be sealed to his wife  because so far he's been seeing the blessings of living gospel principles.   Oh and tell Andrew I hope that he passes everything.  That would be nice.... just tell him to work hard and to set goals and make plans.   Tell him to read the quote on page 146 of Preach My Gospel.  It's something I wish I had known before my mission because it is such a good life skill that's just great, if mastered.   Tell him to read a lot of Preach My Gospel because there are so many life skills that are outlined....it's crazy!
Well I better get going....
Love you guys!

Elder Justin Gagnon

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