Tuesday, June 11, 2013

April 29th, 2013

Hey fam,
Everything seems to be going well here in Cardston!  We're setting up tons of lessons now with less actives and we might be picking up a new investigator this week. His name is George and he's a native that just moved here from the Kieni reserve. He seems pretty solid and he likes us a lot. He lives with his sister right now who is a member of the church but has just gone a bit less active. But she came up to us on the street and told us that she was trying to get back in the church. It's pretty exciting.  My companion is from Quebec city so we're working on his English, but my mission president said that we shouuldn't speak french because it's not part of our mission language.  But our studies in the morning are extra long now, we now have an hour of language study, one hour of comp study and one of the 12 week program.  It's long, but we manage!  Oh and I thought I told you that we live in an apartment now, lol.  I guess I didn't.   But yea for my birthday I was wondering if I can get some "loups garous" cards because there's a YSA here in Cardston and they're looking for more activities for family home evening every week. That's just somthing we used to play at the YSA in Montreal and I thought I would bring a bit of the French culture here to Cardston.  It can also be something we can do for a p-day.  Oh yea, there's also a member here in Cardston who might hook us up at the gym every morning at 6 AM so we can work out every morning, so tell Dad I'm gonna get bigger then him this transfer so he'd better start getting serious or I'll beat him at wrestling in 18 months!  lol just kidding!  Just tell Dad I'm gonna start working out again every day.  Well that's it for this week and Veronique Jensen is going to post some pics on facebook in the next little while of me and her baby cow they have. I took some pictures this week but I left my camera at the apartment. :(  Darn,  because I took some good ones.  I can't wait to send them next week though.
Love you guys
Elder Justin Gagnon

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