Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 4th, 2013 - Happy Birthday Elder Gagnon!

Justin's favorite birthday cake made by Sister Tanner...Thanks for the cake and pictures Sis. Tanner!

                               Opening his birthday gift from home
                              Excited that we sent him "Loups Garous"!
              Some of the necessities for a missionary....razors and a new tie :)
Having a Happy Birthday thanks to caring church members...a candy tree from the Tanners!
Hey Family,
The work is going good here in Cardston!  We managed to pick up some solid investigators this past week.  One is a family that moved here from Spain so their English is not too good, so we got a Spanish person to translate for us.   We also picked up a less active family who want us to come over to teach their kids because their almost all over 10 years old and not baptized and they told us that they would like to get sealed in the temple.  One of the less actives I was working with (Robby) from Magrath also might be going through temple this week and he wants me to be there.  I find it so cool that he's going through the temple because he's made some major changes in his life and I'm super happy for him!   Also one of our other less actives,  Leah is also going to be going to the temple pretty soon because she told us as well that she wanted to change as well and that was her goal.  Oh and we just came from the temple today and it was great, as always.  But other than all that, nothing else really exciting happened this week other than my birthday!  Oh and the cake was great and I love the tie as well...I'm wearing it right now and it's probably my favorite tie.   Right now it looks like we're going to try and grow our teaching pool in Waterton just because everyone goes there but the past few days have been pretty crappy.  But right now it cleared up quite a bit and we'll probably be going there a lot this week by getting rides with members just because its hard on our kliks.  Earl is going good,   he's been coming to church the past couple of weeks and our activity in Waterton was really fun as well.  Well I should probably get going because the zone wants to use their zone P-day, so we have a lot of Elders here in Cardston.  
So love you guys!
Elder Justin Gagnon

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