Tuesday, June 11, 2013

April 2nd, 2013

Hey Fam,

This week was the same as every week so far in Cardston. Elder Wilson is still very sick (I don't think I told you but he's been sick ever since I got here in Cardston), but I keep praying for him.  But the area is doing alright we've been getting some referrals from members which seems to be working really well. I find it works alot better than just going door to door, especialy in these areas where LDS is the majority. We have also trying to work really close to the ward mission leaders as well and just trying to get to know as much of the ward auxiliaries as we can. We're hoping that once Waterton Park opens up we will be able to find some more people to teach because that seems to be a big attraction around here. Oh and that's the park where Heather is going to be working.

I also never got that package yet but I think I will get it this Friday because the zone leaders are going to Calgary for a Zone leaders meeting and to pick up mail as well. I don't think I told you yet but one of my zone leaders is Elder Fitemant who is also from the same stake as us and he knows Patrick and Anik. So you'll have to ask the Carpenters if they know him. So how do you guys like the new car? Did you guys end up selling the van? Oh, did you also post on my facebook that I can receive e-mails from friends?

Oh and the reason we're e-mailing on Tuesday today is because the library was closed yesterday because of the Easter holiday.

 Love you guys
Elder Justin Gagnon

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